Serving the automotive industry for 50 years

The Midway Group is dedicated to achieving the mission of our clients and delivering solutions to exact requirements and specifications. We bring our "never fail" mentality to every project, and deliver. Period. To service our client roster, which includes virtually every OEM manufacturer, Midway Group has developed a huge supplier base, strong relationships with superior vendors, and internal "customer first" training. Midway Group services clients across North America, Europe and Asia -- all from our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and regional office in Detroit, MI.

We stand behind our contracted commitments 100% regardless of internal costs and put the entirety of our team in support of delivering unwavering excellence in all undertakings.

With our sophisticated research capabilities, the Midway Group understands our clients' needs and offers valuable solutions to achieve individual program objectives. From acquiring, managing, transporting and protecting vehicle fleets, our expertise and professional staff has helped Midway earn a dominate market share in each area of service.

The Midway Group is a proud member of the Hankey Group of Companies. With assets of $4.3 billion, The Hankey Group businesses include automotive, financial services, real estate, technology services and insurance.