This agreement is between the Client stated above, hereinafter referred to as “Client,” and Midway Group, hereinafter referred to as “Supplier” or “Midway,” and outlines the terms and conditions for the acceptance of the above quote (attached hereto and incorporated by this reference as Attachment “A”) along with the terms and conditions for vehicle supply and transportation, and additional vehicle services per the specifications of the quote provided. This agreement may only be modified in writing with consent of both Client and Midway.

Costs and Charges Subject to Change:

Costs and charges quoted in this proposal are valid only through the period outlined in the quote. Any approvals or changes beyond a reasonable advance period may result in additional charges to Client or an inability by Midway to provide quoted products or services.

Damage & Vehicle Replacement:

Vehicles provided to Client must be returned in their original condition, functionality, appearance and be consistent with regular usage and/or driving practices. In order to document vehicle conditions, inspection sheets will be used to note visible scratches and damage upon vehicle delivery and before vehicle pick-up.  Inspection sheets signed by onsite contact(s) on behalf of the client will be accepted and viewed as acknowledgement of vehicle condition(s) by the client. In the event of damage or excess wear and tear to body, tires, mechanical and/or interior components, client may be held responsible for the costs of repairs as well as additional rental days for vehicle “down time” and vehicle devaluation, if applicable. In the event of damage (and in the case Midway Group is either contractually obliged to purchase a vehicle(s) due to the extent of use or damage sustained or pay the vehicle owner for losses incurred), Client may be responsible to pay amount of damage up to and including the purchase of the vehicle plus any agreed upon rental charges. Further, in the event of mechanical breakdown or damage that will require a replacement vehicle, Client will also be responsible for full rental cost of any affected vehicle, as well as that of any replacement vehicle that may be provided. The cost will be determined in good faith by Midway. Items that may be subject to reconditioning costs include but are not limited to: tire and wheel replacements; brake pads, sensors and rotors replacements; paint, detail and body repair, due to scratches, dings or accidents; cracked lights; interior damage such as, broken seats and buttons or missing items; cracked windshields; suspension or mechanical malfunction if program related.

Costs for vehicle damages and replacement are billed to Client and are subject to a management/service fee.  Items covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will not be billed. Any costs above and beyond the budget that are directly program-related are subject to possible billing.

License Plates:

Unless otherwise written in this agreement, whenever necessary, Client will be responsible for providing its own transferable dealer, distributor or manufacturer plates for legal operation on public streets. If desired, plates for legal vehicle operation can be provided by Midway Group for a fee, as outlined in the provided quote. Client will be held responsible for returning Midway-provided plates within 10 days of when the last Midway-provided vehicle is retrieved.  Plates not returned to Midway within this period are subject to a fee of $150.00 per plate.

Vehicle Preparation:

Vehicles provided will be clean (subject to local weather conditions) and, unless requested in the specifications of the “request for quote,” will not include any special services such as detailing, fueling, defueling and/or supervision. These additional services may be requested at additional costs.


Client must provide full and appropriate insurance coverage for loss and liability for all Midway Group provided products, naming Midway Group as Loss Payee and Additional Insured. Coverage is available through Midway/Knight Insurance Services at an additional cost and, if desired, must be secured prior to the program start date outlined herein (Midway reserves the right of subrogation on all provided policies). If coverage is not specifically requested, no insurance will be provided by Midway and Client is responsible for all insurance on the subject vehicles.

Rental Extensions/Mileage Extensions:

Client agrees to adhere to the contracted usage miles. If client is going to exceed allowed days or miles, it is imperative that they consult with Midway Group prior and provide a reasonable advance notice. Depending on the supply agreements with the vehicle owner, there may be significant penalties for exceeding days or miles. Additional fees for additional days and/or miles are subject to the discretion of the vehicle(s’) owner(s).

Sales Tax:

Unless an exemption certificate is provided, the prevailing sales tax rate will be charged for all programs based on the city/county/state in which they take place.

Early Return/Cancellation:

The early return of a vehicle will not necessarily result in a pro-rated charge. Cancellations within 72 hours of delivery may result in termination charges due to supply contracts for vehicles and transportation being broken. In the event of an early return or cancellation, every effort will be made by Midway Group to avoid any termination and/or additional fees.

Payment Terms:

As outlined within a Midway Group invoice, payment terms reflect a period of Net 30 days upon receipt per program conclusion. Additional financing and/or collection costs will apply in the event that a receivable extends beyond the payment due date.

A nonrefundable 2.75% processing fee will be applied for all transactions paid by credit card. The processing fee will be based on the total invoice amount.

By accepting delivery of vehicles and/or services from Midway Group, you herein agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth here.