We’re proud to say we were one of the first to get our hands on the new Polestar 2 as our fleet purchase was included in the brand’s first wave of deliveries in the U.S. arriving at the tail end of 2020. We’re fans of the sharp angles and chunky exterior (unmistakably Volvo-esque), which is emphasized by the 20” Y-spoke alloy wheels and Void black paint. From Los Angeles to Fremont, CA, the 350+ mile drive allowed us to experience the simplistic but tech-savvy design and driver assist features to help ease the road trip blues. Despite the anticipated range anxiety, we had a lot of fun taking it for its first drive and road trip. We do recommend getting the lay of the land on the interior before you take off for the first time. Most of the controls are found in the 11.0-inch display and can take some time to learn the interface. For quicker settings, like temperature and volume control, the voice commands seem to work effortlessly. The quiet hum of the “engine” noise is subtle, but we found it a quite enjoyable and gentle reminder that you’re still driving a car. The road noise was a bit more noticeable than anticipated or desired, but not enough to draw concern.

And as for the aforementioned range anxiety, luckily we had a few Electrify America charging stations along the way. With the Polestar being so new, not all charging stations will have the upgraded software to be compatible with the vehicle’s onboard computer – which could be a potential issue for all new EVs hitting the market in the coming years – so, plan ahead and make sure you have enough juice to get to the next pit stop.

That said, they still look all the cooler in that early morning misty fog, don’t they?

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