Whether you love it or hate it. Whether you’re a fan of Musk or not, the Cybertruck has been one of our most requested vehicles. Ever. And after we sent out our very own Hummer EV to be drag raced against the Cybertruck, we weren’t sure how we felt about it either. Check out the full Hagerty video below and see if Jason Cammisa can change your mind. You just might be surprised.

Tesla Cybertruck First Review on “Jason Cammisa on the ICONS”

In this world-exclusive review, Jason Cammisa thoroughly tests the Tesla Cybertruck’s performance in acceleration, handling, maneuverability, dent-resistance and safety. The Cybertruck is raced against the Rivian R1T Quad-Motor AWD and our very own GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup in a quarter-mile race.

Cammisa delves into the engineering behind the Cybertruck, discussing its stainless-steel exoskeleton, aluminum castings and structural battery pack. A live side-impact crash test in Tesla’s Crash Lab demonstrates the truck’s toughness, followed by attempts to dent it with a sledgehammer.

Drawing parallels with the DeLorean and Lamborghini LM002, Cammisa reveals that the Cybertruck is the quickest-accelerating pickup truck in history, hitting 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and covering the quarter-mile in 11.0 seconds at 119 mph. It also looks at the truck’s consistency in acceleration, attributed to the new 4680 Gen 2 batteries.

Efficiency is a standout feature, with the Cybertruck nearly twice as efficient as the Hummer EV. With a 123 kWh battery pack, it’s expected to achieve an EPA Range of over 310 miles.

Full chapter list:

0:00 Cybertruck Is Real!

1:18 Why The Cybertruck Looks Like It Does

2:18 Drag Race: CyberBeast vs Rivian R1T Quad-Motor

3:50 Drag Race: CyberBeast vs GMC Hummer EV

4:25 Quickest Pickup In History: 0-60 in 2.6!

5:20 Tesla’s Engineering Efficiency

6:23 Refrigerator Aerodynamics

7:35 New 4860 Gen 2 Batteries

8:11 Tesla’s Price Cuts — Vertical Integration

9:25 Jason Fenske on the Benefits of High Voltage

10:14 48 Volts!

11:07 How To Engineer a 48 Volt Vehicle

11:24 Steer By Wire

12:06 Turning Radius and Steering Demonstration

13:07 Cybertruck vs. Go-Kart (maneuverability demo)

16:02 One Million Pre-Orders

16:33 Similarities to Delorean DMC-12

17:44 Sledgehammer Door Ding Test

18:08 Bulletproof HFS: “Hard F-ing Steel”

18:44 Cybertruck Crash Test

19:28 Tesla’s Safety Record

20:06 Pedestrian Impact Protection

20:38 I hate it. I love it.

21:09 Cybertruck Interior & Build Quality

21:40 Dynamic Review

22:10 Rearview mirror

22:31 Lamborghini Owner’s Suburban Assault Daily Driver

22:50 DeLorean Time Machine // Car and Driver

23:44 Lamborghini LM002

24:54 Cybertruck vs F-150 Lightning vs Rivian R1T

25:13 Tesla’s From-Scratch Vehicle

25:41 You’ve Made Up Your Mind: Fingerprints, Broken Glass, & Panel Gaps

26:08 Tesla Didn’t Learn Its Lesson

26:59 The Future Ain’t Gonna Invent Itself

27:24 Outtakes & Credits